Pittsburgh Motorists Shocked at $100 Toll Fee to Harrisburg

August 29, 2023 by No Comments

Today, a shocked local displayed the bill that it cost to drive from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg. Here, they paid $49 to enter the Pittsburgh toll road and another $49 to enter the Gettysburg Pike. This begs the question as to why the motorist didn’t use an EZ pass which is known for reducing toll costs in the region. With this done, it would have cost literally half the price which marks a significant saving.

Nonetheless, a trip that is roughly 360 miles in total still seems very pricey for what it is. On a separate note, this also highlights the growing costs of inflation when it comes to long-distance travel in Pittsburgh.


Although this driver got caught out without the EZ pass, you can actually use this handy calculator tool which shows how much your journey would cost. As is often the case with these kinds of journeys, it’s probably best to plan ahead to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line. Reacting to the cost, the person who uploaded the original picture claimed to be shocked and confused as to how much it cost, regardless of the lack of an EZ pass.

Speaking on this image, some claimed that it was foolish to drive without an EZ pass, while others had sympathy and also agreed that that kind of fee seemed excessive compared to prices a couple of years back. If nothing else, this should serve as an example to always do your homework when paying for goods and services.

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