Locals call for restoration of abandoned house in Heritage Park

August 29, 2023 by No Comments

For years, this house has stood dormant behind Heritage Park in Corpus Christi. As seen, its exterior has seen better days but at its peak, it probably looked pretty beautiful. With this being said, locals seem to agree – as they have called for a restoration project to take place. This image was posted on the popular website Reddit where it gained attention and calls from locals to get fixed up!

It turns out that this house is owned by the city of Corpus Christi too, so it would need public funding to be restored. At the same time, you can see how some may brand this a vanity project as well as it’s not exactly the most pressing issue when it comes to using public funds.


For those wondering about the history of the place, the construction of the Steamboat House took place in 1890 under the supervision of Captain W. T. Ropes. The name of the residence originates from its distinctive design featuring dual-level rounded porches that bear a resemblance to the bow of a steamboat.

In the year 1889, Col. Elihu Harrison Ropes, the brother of Captain W. T. Ropes, had a vision to excavate a navigable ship channel across Mustang Island. This ambitious endeavor aimed to establish a deepwater harbor that would cater to the development plans along Ocean Drive, which encompassed his upscale establishment, the Alta Vista Hotel. This hotel was situated in the 3300 block of Ocean Drive. Col. Elihu Harrison Ropes initially acquired Mustang Island for a sum of $25,000. The town initially bore the name Ropesville in recognition of Col. Ropes’ significant contributions to the community.

Originally situated close to Ocean Drive, in the vicinity of what is now Ropes Park, the Steamboat House was relocated in 1920 to 802 Carancahua St. and subsequently partitioned into separate living units. It wasn’t until the year 2007 that this particular residence received acknowledgment as the twelfth inclusion in Heritage Park. Time will tell to see if this ever gets repaired.

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