Huge fence erected along Indianapolis canal – And no one knows why

August 29, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a photo showed a new fence erected on the canal under under Ohio St. bridge. For Indianapolis locals of the area, the canal can easily be identified by the unique artwork on display. As seen though, there is a new addition to this area, which is a brand new chain link fence.

Naturally, this got Indy residents questioning why this fence had suddenly appeared. Firstly, you could speculate that it could have been installed for health and safety reasons and to stop people from falling into the water. However, this has historically never been an issue as the path is naturally quite wide and spacious.


It could also be argued that this fence is a bit of an eyesore and is not yet known whether it is a temporary measure or is more permanent. There is also another theory, which is that it is in place while Indianapolis builds a new state archive building in the vicinity. Arguably, this theory is most likely.

With this in mind, we can only hope that it is indeed a temporary measure, as it would otherwise be a shame to urbanize the beautiful walkways of Indianapolis’s stunning canals. Nonetheless, with local government, you can never be too sure what their intentions are when changing an area. Surely though in time, the truth will come out about this mystery canal-side fencing.

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