Footage shows reckless driving – Miraculously ends with no casualties

August 29, 2023 by No Comments

Yet another dangerous driving incident has been captured by a dashcam in Orange County. The incident took place yesterday evening on 5 FWY and showed a car driving incredibly erratically. Here, the red car can be seen quickly dipping in and out of traffic lanes while far exceeding the speed limit. Obviously, this style of driving is not advisable and is extremely chaotic, to say the least.

This resulted in a number of cars luckily avoiding the red car for their own safety. Eventually, the car’s luck ran out, however, as they veered off the freeway and into a grass verge. According to the person whose car recorded the footage, the driver was okay, as they immediately exited the vehicle and left on foot.


Speaking on the incident, the witness who recorded the ordeal wrote: ” He may have spun a couple of times, but he did not let go of that beer. As soon as he opened the door with a beer in his hand he seemed to run away, along with at least one passenger.” Thankfully, this didn’t cause a major crash or pileup which could have easily happened under different circumstances.

On the same thread, Orange County users agreed that the driver was highly irresponsible and dangerous. Although the dashcam footage is quite grainy, it is also possible that this could be used to convict the driver as they were recorded exiting the vehicle after the crash. Not only this but as the car was assumingly left behind, this could act as more evidence towards proving the crime.

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