Dangerous pothole emerges overnight in Anchorage

August 29, 2023 by No Comments

Like many other parts of the country, Anchorage has its fair share of troubles when it comes to handling potholes. Arguably, this is made worse by its naturally colder climate which can be a bad recipe for damaging roads and concrete when they mix with freezing temperatures.

This week, a large pothole emerged overnight, just outside of the Anchorage Yamaha bike shop. Just looking at the image below, you can see that it could cause substantial damage to a vehicle if its tires went over it at speed. Furthermore, due to its size, it could even cause a major crash if someone was unlucky enough.


The good news is that there are city workers who are dedicated to dealing with potholes in Anchorage. Specifically, the phone number 9073436363 is dedicated to dealing with (and filling up) potholes in the city. With this in mind, hopefully this pothole will be dealt with sooner rather than later due to its notable size.

Speaking to a local man named Dan Timmis, he had this to say: “I saw this pothole this morning and last night the road looked fine. It’s pretty crazy really, I just hope it gets dealt with quickly as it’s pretty bad to be honest.” On a similar note, the good news is that compared to other US cities, Anchorage is usually quite good at filling potholes. Nonetheless, if you’re in the area then drive with caution and be wary.

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