Selfish bike parking angers Des Moines locals

August 22, 2023 by No Comments

An anonymous bike has recently caused anger among Des Moines locals after taking up a large number of parking spots which was unnecessary. Here, the incident was photographed and uploaded onto the Des Moines section of the website Reddit and was titled ‘This guy’.

If the bike had parked normally, then it would have taken up one space. However, its owner decided to place the bicycle horizontally instead of vertically. As a result, it took up a total of twelve spaces which shows just how inconvenient its placement was.


Speaking on the parking, one local wrote: “It looks like there is enough slack in the cable where you could have actually turned the bike and put it in properly. I could be seeing it wrong. At least you were the bigger person and did what I would have done. Take a pic and call them out on the internet!”

Elsewhere, another commenter replied: “This is very Iowan. And if you confronted him, he would have made you felt you were in the wrong.”

It is not known if the owner of the bike was confronted but it goes without saying that this sort of behavior will obviously annoy local residents. Hopefully, it was just a one-off but based on the image, it looks as though it’s just a case of the owner not caring for anyone else.

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