Des Moines theme park to get new rollercoaster addition

August 17, 2023 by No Comments

Adventureland Resort located in Altoona is making preparations for its upcoming 50-year commemoration in 2024 by reintroducing its entirely enclosed timber roller coaster, known as the Underground.

The Underground stands as an indoor wooden coaster experience, propelling passengers through an abandoned mine on a mission to apprehend the notorious outlaw Bad Bob and his gang, who have sought refuge there along with pilfered gold. As stated in a press release by Adventureland, this captivating journey unfolds within the depths of the reclaimed mine.

Originally crafted by the now-defunct Custom Coasters International in the year 1996, the Underground bore a cost of $1.5 million for its construction.

With an emphasis on renovation, both the roller coaster’s track and its accompanying train will be meticulously restored. To facilitate this overhaul, the train has been entrusted to Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, a leading manufacturer of roller coasters, renowned for possessing the “most extensive inventory of wooden coaster components worldwide,” as verified by the company. The refurbishment process is set to incorporate novel technological advancements and enhanced effects into the ride’s framework.

Upon its initial launch, the Underground boasted an array of features, including animations, specialized illumination, and immersive sound effects, enriching the experience as riders were guided through dimly lit mine passages, as documented by the Register in 1996. However, eager patrons from Iowa will need to exercise patience, as the reopening of this exhilarating attraction is scheduled for the year 2024.

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