Kim Reynolds announces new $5 million grant for CDL training

August 13, 2023 by No Comments

Governor Kim Reynolds has unveiled a fresh funding opportunity aimed at bolstering commercial driver’s license (CDL) programs offered by Iowa’s community colleges. The Iowa CDL Infrastructure Grant, amounting to $5 million, has been established to extend support for the essential infrastructure of initiatives that educate individuals striving to acquire their CDL. This grant initiative signifies a further step in Iowa’s endeavors to enhance the route toward obtaining a CDL.

In the recent past, Governor Reynolds had already announced grants totaling $2.94 million to fortify 46 employer programs designed to prepare drivers for fulfilling CDL prerequisites. The primary focus of this opportunity is on community college programs, with the intention of aiding them in the enhancement, acquisition, or renovation of CDL training facilities.

Governor Reynolds emphasized, “Our commitment here in Iowa is to do all that’s possible to facilitate the emergence of skilled, qualified drivers onto our roads – and this endeavor encompasses making the CDL pathway more accessible.” Under the framework of this distinctive grant initiative, community colleges will have the chance to modernize their facilities, expand their capacities, or procure newer equipment, thereby ensuring their programs remain competitive and appealing to individuals in Iowa who are capable of addressing the growing demand for drivers.

The funding opportunity is accessible to Iowa’s community colleges, with a preference granted to applicants capable of consistently and extensively training and certifying truck drivers. Funds will be distributed through a reimbursement process and are earmarked for activities such as constructing, procuring, or renovating CDL training infrastructure. This encompasses tasks carried out by third-party vendors, securing training spaces and equipment (such as training trucks, simulators, monitoring apparatus, etc.)

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