Corey Taylor gives thoughts on Iowan’s opinions of Slipknot

August 10, 2023 by No Comments

Corey Taylor emphatically conveyed that individuals residing in Slipknot’s home state feel a sense of “shame” associated with the band. The frontman of the renowned heavy metal group, who has led the band since 1997, indicated that there exists a prevailing sentiment of resentment towards their accomplishments. This sentiment is rooted in the conservative inclinations of the state and the presence of embittered musicians chasing similar aspirations.

During an appearance on the ‘Zach Sang Show‘, Taylor articulated, “We were judged for so long about who we were, I mean we came from The Fringe and what we represented was something that, to do this day, is still anathema to a lot of people in Iowa.

There are a lot of people in Iowa that are very ashamed of the fact that Slipknot comes from there and it’s because of this newfound Resurgence and conservative bull.”

As well as this, Taylor continued by adding, “As much as Iowa, when I was there – was a purple State it’s very red now and there’s a lot of people who I know who are not happy about it.”

Based on this admission, it is not known when Slipknot or Corey Taylor will be back in Iowa and it may not be anytime soon. Clearly, this is his opinion on Iowa and rightly or wrongly, this is the way he feels about his home state.

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