Governor Kim Reynolds announces controversial country star is on her playlist

July 31, 2023 by No Comments

It’s been a busy time for Governor Kim Reynolds as Iowa has had many high-profile Republicans visit the state over the past month. Although she’s been a busy woman for the most part, she is still only human and needs time to chill out.

Last week, she did this by announcing on her Instagram page that she was listening to country music icon Jason Aldean, whereby she wrote, “A good day to play some Jason Aldean!” As you can tell by the tone of her words, it seems as though the Governor is a big fan.

Image taken from Kim Reynolds’s Instagram account

Although Jason Aldean is not from Iowa, he still has a fairly large fanbase in the state and has previously visited on a number of occasions while touring. Over the years, he has also racked up millions of views on the popular streaming platform Youtube.

Having said this, like Kim Reynolds, it also looks as though he is no stranger to controversy. Just one week before she made the announcement supporting him, Aldean released the most controversial song of his career, Try that in a small town that has been accused by certain parts of the media of having racially divisive themes. Thankfully for Kim Reynolds, her comment has not been met with much controversy for the most part.

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