Creepy artwork appears in downtown Davenport

July 30, 2023 by No Comments

Most of the time, Davenport is a pretty sleepy city and as far as Iowa is concerned, it doesn’t get too much press coverage. However, this week – a strange art piece appeared in the downtown area of the city that has got locals talking. As this is a divisive piece, one local even referred to it as ‘creepy‘ on the popular website Reddit.

This picture was taken on the door of an abandoned brick building between LifeSafer Ignition Interlock and CHC and was apparently done by an artist named Dan Witz. Here, it shows a person trapped behind a mesh window. Due to the realistic nature of the artwork, you could easily glance this while walking past and mistake it for a real person.

Image taken from Imugr

It is believed that this drawing is meant to act as a statement piece, whereby local Iowans stop and think about what it represents. As is often the case with art, this could be interpreted in a variety of ways, such as oppression, being trapped or some kind of abstract political statement.

Irrespective of its motives, most seemed pleasantly surprised with it and praised its thought provoking imagery on Reddit. Here, Iowans described it as ‘striking‘ and ‘adding character to Davenport.‘ So, if you are downtown and happen to pass this, check it out as it may just give you a few moments to think about its message.

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