Beautiful Des Moines house for sale after going up in flames

July 29, 2023 by No Comments

Built in 1900, this home has plenty of character and was once one of the most beautiful houses in Iowa, let alone Des Moines. However, it recently suffered a fire that is believed to have originated from faulty electrics. Although a lot of the property was saved, the top roof in particular has almost completely been removed by the fire which means extensive work is needed to bring this back to its former glory.

What’s more, another issue is that this property is also located in the historic district of Des Moines, meaning that it could be a bureaucratic nightmare trying to renovate it when considering the red tape and restrictions that may be in place. Still, if you were willing to put enough money and time into it, then it could become absolutely stunning.

Listed on Zillow, this costs $149,000 which is obviously heavily discounted due to the fire damage. It is just shy of 4000 square feet, so it has plenty of living space – and also has four bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a total of four floors. According to the listing, it also claims: “Much of the first floor woodwork and fireplace are still intact and can be restored. The foundation and most of the first floor and part of the second floor were not burned so can be reused in the restoration.”

Overall, it would be a shame to see this property go to waste but due to the sheer amount of energy and time needed to restore it, the chances are that this former beauty could be sitting still for quite some time.

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