Iowa charity group gives over one million diapers to struggling families

July 26, 2023 by No Comments

A local organization has been dedicated to supporting families in Eastern Iowa for the past six years, ensuring that babies are not overlooked. Diaper need is a significant concern, with one child going through 3000 diapers annually. Close to half of American families face challenges in affording diapers for their infants, while one out of three children struggles with meeting their diaper needs.

The organization, known as the Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank and led by Tasia Davidson, operates in Cedar Rapids and has been instrumental in donating a total of 1.6 million diapers since its establishment in 2017. The cost of diapers can be quite burdensome for families on tight budgets, with an average box ranging from $25 to $40. As you can imagine, this isn’t cheap and if you’re already struggling then these bills will only add further stress to already tough times.

To receive free diapers, parents must register through health services provided by the Eastern Iowa Health Center, the HACAP WIC program, or participate in programs offered by the Young Parents Network. By doing so, they become eligible to receive tickets that can be exchanged for diapers and wipes. The demand for donations is currently at an all-time high, and if you wish to contribute to the Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank, you can find the donation link here.

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