Raw milk sales legalized in Iowa

July 25, 2023 by No Comments

Starting from July 1st, Iowa producers have been granted the legal authority to directly sell unpasteurized milk, along with other raw milk products such as cheese, ice cream, and yogurt, directly to consumers. This comes just months after Governor Kim Reynolds signed off on the law back in May.

John Maxwell, the proprietor of Cinnamon Ridge Farm in Donahue, has observed that while the demand for raw milk has not been substantial, there is a distinct group of individuals who perceive it as a favorable option.

According to Maxwell, there exists a niche of people who firmly believe in the benefits of unpasteurized milk and are eager to obtain it. However, he also acknowledges the need to address safety concerns associated with raw milk consumption.

Under the newly implemented Iowa law, producers must undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the bacteria levels in the milk and its byproducts remain within legal limits. Failure to comply with these standards would result in the prohibition of selling the milk.

It is important to note that raw milk purchases must be made directly from a raw milk dairy, and reselling raw milk is not permitted under the law, a contrast to the situation in Illinois, where the sale of raw milk has been legal since 2016. Based on this news, Iowan dairy farmers have recently been celebrating due to this move potentially leading to new revenue streams for milk producers in the state.

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