Iowa driver arrested after 100 MPH pursuit

July 25, 2023 by No Comments

In the early hours of Saturday, a high-speed chase in Northwest Iowa concluded when the fleeing vehicle veered into a ditch, and the driver made an attempt to escape on foot, as stated by authorities.

According to a report by KUOO Radio, on July 22, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office arrested Michael Daniels, a 48-year-old resident of Dickens, Iowa, after engaging in the pursuit. Daniels is currently facing charges that include felony eluding, driving while barred, speeding, and various other traffic-related offenses.

The incident commenced shortly after midnight when a deputy tried to initiate a traffic stop on Daniels in the 2200 block of 320th Street, situated north of Spencer, Iowa. Instead of complying, Daniels refused to halt, leading to a chase that covered approximately 13 miles and reached speeds surpassing 100 mph.

Eventually, Daniels lost control of the vehicle, causing it to end up in a ditch. Following the crash, Daniels exited the vehicle and attempted to escape on foot, but law enforcement managed to apprehend him shortly thereafter. Subsequently, he was taken into custody and booked at the Clay County Jail.

Thankfully, neither Daniels nor the pursuing deputies sustained any injuries during the incident, and the only property damaged was Daniels’ vehicle. As ever, this is a good example to drive safely at all times and always respect the speed limit and others.


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