Bodies of two drowned Cedar Rapids residents found in lake

July 22, 2023 by No Comments

The two victims, Suad Al Yasiri (age 28) and Willie Davis (age 23) from Cedar Rapids, lost their lives in a lake accident. They were in a single canoe at approximately 3:44 on a Friday afternoon when it capsized and sank, leading to their disappearance underwater. Despite efforts to locate them, they were found 23 feet below the water’s surface using sonar technology, and unfortunately, they were not wearing life jackets at the time of the incident.

The bodies were recovered later that same Friday around 7 p.m. Various agencies, including the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Solon Fire Department, North Liberty Fire Department, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the Johnson County Metro Dive Team, all played crucial roles in the recovery operation.

At present, the incident remains subject to investigation by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office to determine the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. With this in mind, hopefully the respect of the deceased and their families means that people won’t speculate about how they died until further information is released. At this point, anything is still on the table and the reality is that other than a select number of police and experts involved closely with the case, little is known about the precise details of what has gone on.

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