Des Moines braces for 100 degrees next week

July 19, 2023 by No Comments

Lately, the weather in Iowa has been incredibly hot. However, if you’re in Des Moines then you’ll be in for a real scorcher next week, as both Wednesday and Thursday are predicted to reach 100 degrees. This is surrounded by days in the mid-90s before and after. Interestingly, these days are also meant to be partly cloudy too, meaning it could be even hotter if the clouds are somehow absent.

This marks an incredibly hot time for Iowa – which has also been seen across the country in general. Further still, certain outlets have even predicted these days being closer to 110 degrees which says just how hot it could get. As mentioned, this could be taking into account the potential absence of cloud

For those worrying about the heat, we advise acting with caution. For instance, if you really don’t want to interact with the heat then stay indoors. Similarly, if you have pets or elderly relatives then you may also want to check on them to make sure that they’re hydrated and not overly exposed to the sunlight. Furthermore, if you are out and about then make sure to carry some sunscreen with you as otherwise you could get burned.

Unfortunately, we cannot see the weather too far into the future. However, we can only hope that at some point it begins to cool down. Sadly, with August around the corner, this may not be happening anytime soon.

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