WINTERSET, Iowa — Upset and frustrated parents, former teachers and community members overflowed the Winterset School Board meeting to express their concerns about student behavioral issues. One Winterset parent said her child wanted to take her own life because of the violence she experienced at school. “I got an emailContinue Reading

DES MOINES, Iowa — Several Democratic presidential candidates are continuing their weekend visits to Iowa this Monday. Montana governor Steve Bullock started his day with a meet and greet in Jefferson. Supporters introduced him saying Montana is 18 hours away but has similarities to Iowa including its rural landscape. BullockContinue Reading

Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment POLK COUNTY, Iowa – The number of live cats rescued from a horrific case of animal hoarding in rural Madrid continues to climb. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says since the initial rescue on June 4th, where 79 cats were rescued, 97 moreContinue Reading