The state unemployment rate inched up slightly in October, as the workforce expanded. Iowa Workforce Development Deputy Director, Ryan West, says its a unique situation. OC………to be exact” ;12 He says they change in the labor force was the biggest factor in the slight rise in unemployment. West isn’tContinue Reading

Disney Dance Upon A Dream, starring Mackenzie Ziegler, dances into Stephens Auditorium on March 17! 6

The all-new Disney Dance Upon a Dream (, starring singer, actress and dancer Mackenzie Ziegler will perform at STEPHENS AUDITORIUM on MARCH 17. The show takes the cast on an electrifying journey to find their own beat in a fast-moving world that features a soundtrack of Disney’s greatest hits remixedContinue Reading

Waukee Finds a Need for Remodeled Food Pantry 9

WAUKEE, Iowa — Waukee Christian Services is unveiling a remodeled food pantry Tuesday. Many are wondering why an affluent suburb like Waukee needs a food pantry. According to Data U.S.A, the poverty rate in Waukee is lower than the national average, but the Executive Director of Waukee Christian Services saidContinue Reading