Biden in Ames: NATO Summit “Disturbed Me” 5

AMES, Iowa — On day five of Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” bus tour through Iowa, the former vice president bit his tongue when it came to criticizing President Donald Trump’s behavior at the NATO summit. One voter described the NATO conference, which concluded Wednesday, as “much worse than malarkey.” BidenContinue Reading

Trump Impeachment Hearings & Analysis: House Judiciary Committee Takes Over 7

WASHINGTON (WFLA) – What’s next in the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump? The Judiciary Committee is holding its first public hearing on the impeachment inquiry Wednesday, featuring no material witnesses, but a panel of four constitutional law experts. Noah Feldman of Harvard University, Pamela S. Karlan of StanfordContinue Reading

Windsor Heights to Take Down University Camera in 2020 9

WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa  —  The City of Windsor Heights says its controversial speeding camera will disappear next spring. The Windsor Heights City Council voted on Monday to remove the automated traffic enforcement camera on University Avenue on April 21, 2020 when the contract with a camera vendor ends.  The cameraContinue Reading

Legal Experts Make a Course For, and Against, Impeachment During Judiciary Committee 10

(CNN) — A trio of legal scholars argued at the first House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s unprecedented conduct was evidence of impeachable offenses, amid vocal protests and procedural roadblocks thrown up by Republicans to challenge the impeachment proceedings. The opening impeachment hearing held by the panelContinue Reading

A suspect is in custody after a shooting left an Algona woman dead in the small northern Iowa town of LuVerne. Mitch Mortvedt of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation says a suspect was detained Wednesday, hours after the shooting at the only bank in LuVerne. He says the femaleContinue Reading