Iconic Brewery & Restaurant to close after 6 years of business

January 4, 2024 by No Comments

Brasswell, a popular burger joint run by renowned chef Gerard Craft, will be closing its doors at its location inside Rockwell Beer Co. in Botanical Heights. Rockwell will assume control of the food operations in its brewery and tasting room, although further details are not yet available.

Brasswell first opened in late 2018 alongside Rockwell and quickly gained a following for its delicious burgers. While the news of its closure may disappoint loyal patrons, they can still enjoy a Brasswell-style burger at the Central West End restaurant Brasserie by Niche, another establishment owned by chef Craft.

Over the years, Braswell earned a stellar reputation among the St. Louis food community. Not only did it offer a solid selection of food and beer but its quirky location was also celebrated and made use of makeshift shipping containers that gave customers a unique dining experience.

The decision to close Brasswell was made jointly by Rockwell and Craft’s Niche Food Group, who released a statement announcing the news on Wednesday. Both parties have declined to provide further comment at this time. Nonetheless, this marks the end of an era for burger enthusiasts in Botanical Heights and also highlights the shift in the St. Louis food scene as a number of high-profile restaurants and bars have closed in recent weeks.

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