Brad Little criticized after self-proclaimed ‘business-friendly atmosphere and commonsense governing’ comments

January 4, 2024 by No Comments

Idaho Governor Brad Little recently brought a flurry of criticism on him after boasting about his leadership. On his Twitter account, Little was caught bragging about his leadership in the state and how this had led to the financial growth of its citizens. Despite his highly optimistic approach, many disagreed and used the platform to highlight some of his leadership flaws.

Specifically, Little’s tweet read: ‘The latest rankings for household incomes confirm what many in Idaho already know – our business-friendly atmosphere and commonsense governing approach translate to prosperity and higher incomes for our citizens!’

Responding to this, a user named Ray Hammond claimed: “I have no idea where you get your numbers from I know those aren’t true where I live in Idaho all those jobs I have seen a decline and pay is going down again which pre-pandemic levels were less than 1/2 of so-called medium income South Idaho must be making up for it.”

Elsewhere, user Kat Donovan didn’t mention the economy of Idaho but instead quizzed Little on his cultural policies, adding: “Idaho’s laws against women, minorities, and LGBTQ communities are forcing people to leave the state!”

Based on these comments, it looks as though Little’s favorable take on things isn’t shared by some of his constituents who seem less than happy with his leadership.


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