Yet another cannabis dispensary opens in Queens

December 29, 2023 by No Comments

This week saw the opening of yet another cannabis dispensary in Queens. Located at 185th and Horace Harding (next to the pizza shop), Pure Leaf Cannabis Club is the latest addition to the growing number of dispensaries in the area.

The growth of these shops comes after New York City, along with the rest of the state, legalized recreational cannabis in 2021. Since then, areas such as Queens have seen dispensaries cropping up on a large scale with no sign of these businesses slowing down. Whether this is a short-term trend or a long-term shift in culture since legalization remains to be seen. Regardless, you would be unwise to assume that this would be the last dispensary in the area.


The reason why there may seem to be a high number of dispensaries is because of the state’s focus on New York City as a key market for legal cannabis. With its large population and thriving tourism industry, New York City is seen as a prime location for cannabis businesses to thrive, and the state is working to make sure that the city has a robust and well-regulated cannabis industry. Despite this, it is estimated that New York City has approximately 8,000 illegal, unlicensed smoke shops operating throughout 2023.


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