Locals shocked after Syracuse Wegmans sells canned fruit at $9 per jar

December 28, 2023 by No Comments

While many people love shopping at Wegmans, sometimes their prices can be questionable. This was the case recently when a photo went viral on social media for the wrong reasons. Here, a photo showed canned pears that were priced at $8.99 in a Syracuse store. Ironically, these were also labeled as ‘consistent low prices!’ which was written on a sign next to the display.


Responding to this, one user even went as far as to say: “All we can do is boycott the place. I used to be a die-hard Wegmans shopper. There is now no reason for me to step foot in there. They don’t even have a real meat department anymore. Sad. So much for local family grocery stores. Greedy.”

While this may have been an over-reaction, plenty of replies also shared similar thoughts that the store sometimes went too far with certain products and their costs.

Wegmans is a supermarket chain with over 100 locations across the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. Founded in 1916 in Rochester, it is known for its strong emphasis on healthy living and sustainability. Because of this, it has gained a cult following. However, based on the above it looks as though some people are less than impressed with their pricing.

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