Maura Healey criticized after Massachusetts affordable living claims

December 27, 2023 by No Comments

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey was recently criticized after claiming that in 2023, she had brought down living costs in the state. This announcement was made on her Twitter account where she claimed areas such as housing, social care, and education needed to be more affordable. Although this sounds good and positive, many Twitter users responded with a distrustful tone. In fairness, it’s easy to talk about big ideas but putting them into reality is another thing altogether.

Here, she said: ‘For MA to be a state where everyone can succeed, housing needs to be affordable. Caring for your family needs to be affordable. Education and job training need to be affordable. In 2023, bringing down costs was one of our top priorities.’

Replying with cynicism, one user named Jeffrey May said: “As more and more people in Massachusetts get everything free. It will become less affordable for everyone else. What are you going to do when you run out of other people’s money?”

Similarly, another user quipped: “You don’t have the money to do any of these things if you continue to neglect your own citizens and worry about checking the dem “sanctuary city” box.”

With 2024 soon upon us, it will be interesting to see whether Healey can deliver these promises or whether those doubtful of her effectiveness will be proven right.

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