Katie Hobbs lambasted after boasts over hitting ‘big goals’ for Arizona

December 27, 2023 by No Comments

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs recently made a very self-congratulatory Twitter post. Here, she claimed to have hit big goals for the state to make it the best place to live in the US. This included mentions of well-paying jobs, education, reproductive rights, and Arizona’s water future. According to Hobbs, it was a good year. Naturally, this led to a lot of heat which saw over 330 people reply. Unfortunately for Hobbs, many of them were critical regarding her ambitious claims.

Specifically, her Tweet read: ‘Thinking back on my last 11 months in office, it’s clear we’ve got a whole lot done to make Arizona the best state to live, work & raise a family. Earlier this year, I set out to achieve some pretty big goals, and I’m proud to say we’ve hit many of them & more!’

One of the main criticisms thrown at Hobbs was her lack of clarity involving these goals. One user said this in response: “General Terms say so Little. Exactly what big goals did you set out to achieve? Explain? You politicians speak so vague. Last I remember you couldn’t, wouldn’t even debate your opponent.”

Elsewhere, another constituent added: “All you’ve done is veto all bills sent to you, take credit for things Ducey started and hide from reporters. The recall is coming.”

Sadly for Hobbs, it looks as though her optimism wasn’t shared by many Arizonans who may be growing tired of political speeches and a lack of action.


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