Sioux Falls School District under fire after denying kid’s meals with negative balance

November 27, 2023 by No Comments

Sioux Falls School District has recently attracted criticism after an email was screenshotted and uploaded to Reddit. It claimed that new changes would mean that once an account reached a negative balance of -$20, ‘the student will be offered a smart snack and a milk rather than a hot lunch and $1 will be charged each time to the student account. Once an account reaches a negative -$75 balance, no smart snack or meal can be served.’

According to USDA, smart snacks include foods such as peanuts, popcorn, tortilla chips, fruit cups, and granola bars. Although these are somewhat healthy, they often have a total of roughly 130 calories which is way beneath the average calorie count for an average child. This means that even at -$20, children will begin to really feel the difference in terms of meal sizes.


The above screenshot was originally posted on Reddit. Here, one user replied by saying: “The kids don’t choose to attend school, they are required to be there. It is not just reasonable to feed them during the day, it is obvious. Full bellies make sharp minds. Tax us, feed the kids.”

As expected, many were angry about this and the screenshot gained hundreds of comments claiming that it was the right of children to be able to eat at school.

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