Popular BBQ Restaurant permanently closes after blaming staff

November 20, 2023 by No Comments

On Sunday, Rib and Loin’s Hixson location permanently ceased operations. This closure follows the sale of the property by the barbecue restaurant’s owners. News of the closure was confirmed by a sign left outside the venue. This read: ‘Unfortunately, dine-in will be closed indefinitely due to servers refusing to work their schedules because of parties and personal activities. Also, refusing to work with more than one server per shift! This company will not be told by employees when we can and can not open.’


Somewhat ironically, it looks as though the last statement may have actually been the case, which if true means the restaurant has actually folded due to staff issues. News of the closure also spread to Reddit which got users wondering about the real reasons for its closure. Here, some also accused the eatery of lacking professionalism due to the passive-aggressive nature of the sign.

The closure comes after 34 years of serving ribs, pulled pork, and other southern classics to Chattanooga locals and offering a drive-thru service.

Despite this, Rib and Loin assured its patrons that there’s no cause for concern, as their other establishment on Brainerd Road will continue to operate. Details regarding the buyer of the property and potential plans for its future use remain undisclosed.

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