Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon criticized over clean energy initiative

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon recently attended a Western Governors’ Association Chairman’s Initiative that promoted clean energy. Here, he was joined by various figureheads who discussed the future of energy in the region. He shared this moment on Instagram with a photo, as well as a caption that read: “We kicked off my Western Governors’ Association Chairman’s Initiative, “Decarbonizing the West”, at the Wyoming Integrated Test Center in Gillette. Federal, state, local, and industry stakeholders from around the West were on hand to discuss various aspects of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).” More information can be seen in the status below.

Even if Gordon did have good intentions, not everyone agreed with his sentiments. One user simply wrote “Rino” which stands for ‘Republican in name only”, while another user named Austin Sharpe wrote, “Still can’t believe this guy got re-elected.”

Clearly, not everyone was happy with his ideas and let their thoughts be known. Later on in the comments, one user even blamed him for not protecting America’s wild horses. Overall, it looks like a lot of people had a grudge when it came to Governor Gordon. If anything, this shows the volatile nature of being a local politican, where every move is put under scrutiny. It should be noted that despite the negative comments, Gordon was re-elected which clearly means something.


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