Santa Ana’s most expensive home goes up for sale – And it’s not cheap

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

This property was just listed on Zillow and it happens to be the most expensive house in Santa Ana. Interestingly, it looks a little innocuous from the outside and isn’t exactly a lavish mansion. Nonetheless, this sums up the prices of Santa Ana and how expensive its real estate has become in recent months.

In total, this house costs $1,649,000 and has 2,741 sqft of space. It also comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In other words, this could be the ideal Santa Ana family home and would be a very nice place to raise a family. This is even more the case seeing as it’s based in the N Towner St neighborhood.


Perhaps the best feature of this property is the courtyard which has a lovely-looking fountain in the middle. It also has a well-maintained garden, backyard swimming pool, and office room, as well as three garage spaces. Another bonus is the solar energy which will definitely utilize the sunny Santa Ana weather.


Another positive of this property is the open-plan rooms which are spacious and make the house flow nicely from room to room. Interestingly, this could also make an excellent investment. According to Zillow’s valuation, the house was also under $1,000,000 just 6 years ago. This shows just how expensive Santa Ana has become.

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