Popular Japanese Restaurant finally opens in Frisco

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

Coco Ichibanya’s recently unveiled Frisco location officially opened its doors last weekend, marking the culmination of more than five months of meticulous planning for its grand opening. This extended wait has not been without its challenges, particularly for the eager community of Google reviewers, numbering over a hundred, who have anxiously awaited this moment.

For devotees of curry, inquisitive Dallas food enthusiasts, and those dedicated Google reviewers, the soft launch of Coco Ichibanya on September 5th was met with sheer delight. Even now, on weekends, an astonishing two-hour wait persists just to secure a coveted spot within the restaurant.

The establishment’s seating area is relatively compact, accommodating a maximum of around ten tables. This arrangement, whether intentional for a cozy, family-style dining experience or an unexpected outcome of the overwhelming interest, inevitably results in extended waiting periods. To bypass the lengthy queues, we recommend scheduling your visit for a weekday afternoon.

Despite the initial setbacks and protracted waiting times, Coco Ichibanya’s culinary offerings remain the driving force behind its enduring popularity. Conclude your meal with a delectable slice of cheesecake or indulgent custard pudding. It is the restaurant’s exceptional food quality that warrants enduring lines. So, arm yourself with patience, a hearty appetite, and an eagerness to immerse yourself in the realm of Japanese curry, as Coco Ichibanya unquestionably stands as the go-to destination for such culinary experiences.

You can find Coco Ichibanya at 9351 Warren Parkway, Frisco, open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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