Popular Greensboro Toy store forced to close

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

A popular Greensboro toy store has been forced to close. Here, the Nerdbombers store announced their closure on Facebook which gained a lot of attention from locals. According to a recent Facebook post, they will no longer be operating from the Friendly Center mall after the landlord kicked them out.

They released a statement which read: “I wanted to go ahead and address what is happening with us.CBL Properties ( owners of Friendly Center) are kicking us out of our current space so a national brand the Birkenstock store can expand. They are not really giving us any other options for relocation as they are trying to kick all the small non-corporate businesses out of their shopping center.”

They also claimed to be the 8th store to have been kicked out this year, which also included the likes of the Electric Cowgirl Boutique going as well. Despite the bad news, they also claimed to be looking for a new location nearby. Nonetheless, this is very disruptive and at the earliest, you would assume they would re-open elsewhere after several months due to the logistics of sorting out a new location.

Interestingly, various stores have been removed from this mall over the years with similar stories dating back nearly 30 years where other stores have had to leave as well. For those wondering, Nerdbombers boasts one of the largest Funko Pop displays in Greensboro. They have gained recognition for their extensive range of merchandise, including Funko Pops, DVDs, Blu-Rays, collectibles, toys, comics, records, video games, and sports cards. In their previous establishment, they maintained a seven-day-a-week operation.

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