Popular Fried Chicken Restaurant closes after one year in Tallahassee

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

Tallahassee’s fried chicken aficionados will now have one fewer dining option for their cravings following the closure of Hot Birdie’s Chicken.

When this gourmet quick-service establishment first emerged in January 2022, eager patrons flocked to enjoy their offerings. However, in recent months, customer numbers have dwindled, compelling Hot Birdie’s chef and owner, Kevin Stout, to make a difficult decision. The official Instagram account made a statement on the closure that can be seen below.


The signature sandwich that became a highlight of Hot Birdie’s menu originally had its roots at Food Glorious Food, a restaurant Stout has owned for over two decades. Despite the closure of Hot Birdie’s Chicken, Stout intends to carry forward the legacy of this beloved sandwich by featuring it at his thriving, still-operational restaurant. He envisions reimagining the fried chicken-focused business in a fresh manner down the road.

During its year of trading, Hot Birdie’s received good reviews online and was clearly a hit with the locals. This is perhaps an example of businesses sometimes struggling behind the scenes, despite looking fine on the surface.

While Hot Birdie’s will no longer exist as a standalone eatery on Thomasville Road, Stout is exploring various possibilities, including transforming it into a food truck or a ghost kitchen. However, until these plans are finalized, he intends to introduce the popular sandwich that started it all onto the revamped lunch and bar menus at Food Glorious Food.

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