Indian Restaurant to open at old Jack Tar venue

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

This week marked the signing of a lease for the establishment of a second Cheeni restaurant in the heart of Durham, situated within the former Jack Tar premises at 202 Corcoran Street, Suite 100. The new venue, bearing the simple name “Cheeni,” boasts substantially larger dimensions than the current emporium, with a notably expanded kitchen.

Presently, Cheeni operates from a former bagel shop in a Raleigh strip mall, where the kitchen is compact enough to rival the size of some residential kitchens in the vicinity. This new establishment will be the second addition to Cheeni’s culinary ventures. The Durham expansion was announced on Instagram.

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The upcoming location will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner on most days of the week, although it will not adhere to the all-day cafe model employed by the Raleigh restaurant. Patrons can anticipate a diverse menu featuring items such as Indian fried chicken, which is marinated in rich coconut milk, twice-fried, and adorned with a choice of three distinctive masalas sourced from regions like Tamil Nadu in southern India, Kerala, West Bengal, and North India. It’s important to note that, akin to the Raleigh counterpart, certain Americanized Indian dishes such as butter chicken or chicken tikka masala will not be featured.

The schedule for the Durham location is set to encompass three daily meals on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday. On Sundays, the restaurant will exclusively offer brunch, while Wednesdays will serve as a day of respite for the staff.


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