Driverless car blocks and stops Muni trains from moving

September 25, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, footage captured a driverless car holding up two Muni trains on Castro. It’s no secret that driverless cars have been on the San Francisco roads for a while now. Despite most of them doing fine, it seems as though some of them still have teething problems. In this case, a driverless car literally stopped transport. The car can be identified by its sensor on the roof. In the same clip, a man in a hi-vis uniform was clearly agitated by the car as he tried to explain to other drivers what was going on.

The video was originally uploaded to Reddit where the person who filmed the event wrote: “Car shut down with two passengers in the back. Not sure how long it was like this. The car started again but immediately got stuck making the left during a red light.”

This comes just weeks after a driverless car delayed an ambulance in traffic which led to a fatality. While driverless cars and taxis may change transport forever, they are still clearly a work in progress.

Speaking on this incident, one Reddit user wrote: “If they get a ticket, then the money should go to Muni. You park in a bus stop and get a $500 plus a tow and the city gets all that money, then people bitch about Muni’s cost. Well, that $500 wouldn’t happen if there was no bus stop.”

Thankfully, this incident was eventually resolved and no one got hurt. Nonetheless, it acts as a timely reminder that sometimes technology can still do with improvements.

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