Minnesota Governor Tim Walz blasted during Japanese talks

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz spoke at an American-Japanese meeting where he uploaded a photo on his Instagram page. Here he captioned it: “Since I’ve been Governor, we’ve increased the number of Japanese companies operating in Minnesota by nearly 50 percent. I’m back in Japan this week to secure further investments and make sure Minnesota remains a top place for business and a competitor on the global stage.”

On a separate note, it turns out that the Midwest has strong historical ties with Japan when it comes to trade and business. Sadly for Waltz, not everyone saw the positives of his speech.

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Despite a fairly innocuous affair, this photo drew criticism from some who viewed it as an opportunity to criticize the governor. Here, one user named Kiah Cockrell wrote: “You aren’t for the people of America! You are for yourself and personal gain. You need to be replaced with a true American.” Similarly, another user simply commented: “Coalition for imperialism.”

Having said this, not everyone was as critical. Some even called for him to run for President and were complimentary of his policies and views. If nothing else, this shows just how divisive politics is in Minnesota right now and that one person’s hero can simultaneously be a villain to someone else.

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