Military helicopters spotted in San Francisco skies

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, residents in San Francisco were taken aback as impressive military aircraft gracefully traversed the suburban skies. This was undoubtedly an unusual occurrence, and it’s quite typical to feel a sense of astonishment when these unexpected sights unfold. It’s worth mentioning that when it comes to Sikorsky VH-92 Patriot helicopters, their distinctive noise often precedes their visual appearance, as they are renowned for their significant sound.

These particular aircraft have been identified as Sikorsky VH-92 Patriots and were spotted flying over Outer Richmond. These Sikorsky VH-92 Patriots are occasionally deployed for military exercises and have even been used to transport military personnel. In this context, they were apparently in town to precede the imminent visit by Joe Biden.


According to this site, the VH-92 costs $218 million per helicopter. In other words, the person who photographed them was looking at nearly $450 million of military equipment! The photo was originally uploaded to Reddit where the person who snapped it was curious as to what was going on. Here, others confirmed the sighting and confirmed that Biden would soon be in town.

In summary, it’s a rather remarkable spectacle and certainly not something you encounter every day while going about your business in San Francisco. Based on this, the chances are that you won’t see this sight again, or at least after the Biden visit of course.

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