Kre8Now Makerspace permanently closes

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

One of Lexington’s more unusual businesses closed yesterday, which was confirmed on its official Facebook page. Here, the update wrote: “It is with a heavy heart, I share the news that after over a decade of fostering creativity, Kre8Now Makerspace has closed. Our space has been a canvas for countless dreams, innovations, and connections. This chapter may end, but our spirit lives on in the creations and relationships we’ve built. Let’s celebrate our journey and keep the flame of creativity alive through the process of making! Gratefully, Doug.”

Kre8Now Makerspace was founded back in 2013 and was responsible for teaching Lexington residents various skills such as welding, woodworking, and various building schools. In short, it operated out of a facility that taught people practical, creative skills that could be applied to business practices elsewhere.

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Despite being open for years of business, it has now closed and this announcement got hundreds of likes on Facebook. Reacting to this announcement, locals paid tributes with one man named Dwight Newton writing: “It was a fine and noble idea, Doug. Like much of what happened in the space(s), the space itself was an experimental prototype. It’s an impressive accomplishment to have sustained the dream for as long as you did.”

Overall, it is sad to see this space close. This is because it was genuinely unique and offered something very different compared to most commercial spaces in the city.

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