Governor Jared Polis criticized after school visit

September 23, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis visited Aspen Creek PreK-8 School in Broomfield and marked the occasion on his personal Instagram page. Here, he took photos and documented the visit, writing: “I was thrilled to visit Aspen Creek PreK-8 School in Broomfield to announce help for more Colorado teachers to get the classroom supplies they need. When we support Colorado’s amazing educators, we can improve student learning and achievement.”

Despite putting a positive spin on the visit, it seems as though not everyone was happy with the governor. The post prompted hundreds of likes and many comments. While some of these comments were positive, others weren’t as complimentary.

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Replying to his comments, one user wrote: “Vanity tour 2023.” Similarly, another user said: “I got out of teaching because I was NOT supported by my district. Even when a student made a credible threat against me. Education is in trouble.”

It should also be noted that some of the comments weren’t friendly enough to repeat without causing offense. In other words, some people did not like this public showing from the governor. And, if you’re a critic of Polis then it may be bad news as his time in office could run until 2027. With this being said, you can expect more divisive remarks over the coming months and years.

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