Governor Brian Kemp criticized after receiving Korean award

September 23, 2023 by No Comments

Last night Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp attended The Korea Society’s ceremony and was given an award from its organizers. He uploaded a photograph of his exploits on Instagram, captioning the snap by writing: ‘Georgia’s strong and enduring relationship with the Republic of Korea has brought historic opportunity to the Peach State.’

Despite smiling in the photos, not all of the comments agreed with his upbeat mood as they aired their grievances with the governor. Here, many users called Kemp ‘RINO’ which stands for ‘Republican in name only’. This was a term coined by Donald Trump who publically called out Kemp due to running against Trump’s pick, David Perdue. Although Trump’s comments were made last year, it seems that many still haven’t forgotten.

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Another Instagram user wrote: “Prioritizing opportunity without taking care of our most vulnerable is irresponsible.” while another added: “Stop selling our lands to foreign investors for their gains.”

Not only this but others commented, using cuss words and asking him to resign. Clearly, this photo-op caused quite a stir. Brian Kemp was voted in as Georgia’s governor back in 2019 and could run to 2027. Despite his popularity, it is also clear that there is also an underbelly of resentment with certain parts of Georgia’s population. As is often the case with politics, time will tell if he is deemed a success or failure.


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