Inflatable Rat sent to Newark Housing in protest

September 22, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a giant inflatable rat was used in a protest near the IDT building. The giant rat had a sign on its chest reading ‘Shame on you NHA’ which was also accompanied by a pamphlet explaining the issue. The protest was done in defense of the Newark Housing Authority security guards. Here, the pamphlet read: ‘Security guards deserve good jobs with affordable healthcare!’

This comes after the NHA recently awarded security contracts to non-unionized companies. This means that the newly employed security guards will be without full-family healthcare and other benefits. Previously, this was not the case.


The protest photos were originally uploaded to Reddit. As seen, the leaflet ends by writing: ‘Tell NHA to re-bid the contract with requirements to provide its guards with quality, affordable healthcare, and a family-sustaining wage!’ This comes one month after the NHA recently awarded a $35 million contract to a private security group.

It is understood that despite the protest, the NHA will not be reversing its decision to employ more unionized security guards. However, if nothing else, this may help apply publicity to the issue, and at the very least, it helps shine a light on the issue. In short, if a giant inflatable rat doesn’t get public attention and create a buzz, then not much else will.


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