Tate Reeves blasted in recent Instagram photo

September 21, 2023 by No Comments

Despite being a fairly popular governor, Tate Reeves recently got publically denounced in a recent Instagram photo. Here, he was seen posing in Oxford with fans and captioned the post: ‘Always a fun time in Oxford! Thankful for the chance to spend time in the Grove with so many great Mississippians cheering on the Rebs today.’

Despite many people using the comments section to praise Reeves, there was also a noticeable section that did the opposite. Here, they lambasted him and even accused him of serious crimes. Of the comments, one wrote: “Up there with all your rich friends that you give welfare money yo,” while another said: “Embezzlement and fraud is what he’s good at!” This was based on the previous allegations geared towards Reeves earlier in the year. Elsewhere, one user even called him ‘tone deaf’ which could have been alluding to almost anything. Check the original post below.

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Ironically, these comments were aimed at Reeves while he posed with a number of Mississippi locals who were donned in red outfits. Not everyone was out to get him though, with one user writing: “Could be Mississippis best Governor ever. Keep it up.” With this said, it looks like Reeves’s popularity is as divisive as ever. Nonetheless, as Mississippi is historically a red state, it looks like Reeves will be safe for now.

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