Jersey City A1 Nail Salon closes due to Unsatisfactory Sanitary Inspection Report

September 21, 2023 by No Comments

A recent Reddit post displayed an image indicating the closure of A1 Nails. This was attributed to an unfavorable inspection report by the New Jersey Department of Health. The notice affixed to the establishment’s entrance bore the verdict: ‘Unsatisfactory Sanitary Inspection Report,’ along with a dated signature, indicating a clear violation of the city’s operating standards.

The image does not provide information about the salon’s reopening timeline. However, the presence of the red notice leaves uncertainty surrounding A1 Nails’ future operations. It stands to reason that they would need to successfully undergo stringent evaluations before resuming service to the public.


Interestingly, below the Jersey City sign, A1 Nails left a sign of their own. This read: ‘Temporarily closed. The building manager is replacing the fire monitoring system.’ This alludes to the store closing down due to failing a fire test. Although this is a serious issue, it does not indicate that the store failed due to poor hygiene which is often attributed to similar closures when it comes to restaurants and shops serving food. As of the time of writing, A1 Nails have not disclosed when they will re-open online, nor have they acknowledged the closure aside from the physical sign.

Of late, it looks as though New Jersey’s sanitation department is doing the rounds on local businesses. Earlier this week, one of the Choc O Pain locations was also hit with the same closure sign.

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