Governor Jay Inslee lambasted over fossil fuel claims

September 21, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Washington Governor Jay Inslee was lambasted on Instagram after uploading a video surrounding fossil fuels. Here, he pledged to slash pollution and emissions and wrote: “Fossil fuel companies are working around the clock to prevent us from reducing pollution driving climate change. We are not backing down.”

Despite his strong words, not everyone was happy. The post gained nearly 40 comments and not all of them were positive. In fact, many were quite critical and didn’t like what he had to say. In short, his comments proved to be quite divisive and the people let him know their thoughts.

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Here, one user wrote: “Destroying the earth to make a battery! This is not the answer. Exploiting people of the world to mine is sickening. So sad he encourages this!” This comment garnered 14 likes. Similarly, another Washington resident claimed: “You have ruined our once beautiful state, please focus on the state you were elected to run. Do something about all the crime, homelessness, and drugs.”

Interestingly, these were only a handful of comments that lambasted Inslee. In fact, some were far worse and used less friendly language to describe his policies. Interestingly, Inslee remains the longest-serving U.S. governor, having served since January 2013. With this said, maybe these comments aren’t taken too seriously by him and his team.

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