Governor Eric Holcomb Lambasted on Facebook with calls for him to resign

September 21, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb was lambasted on Facebook after speaking at a local event. Here, he wrote: ‘It was my great pleasure to be with the Lilly Scholars Network tonight to discuss the future of Indiana with so many Hoosier change makers,’ which was met with criticism from certain users.

Despite this not being a particularly controversial affair, it still piqued the interest of critics which seems to be the way with politicians on social media these days. One Facebook user named David Miller reacted by writing: “Bravely leading Indiana into the 19th Century.” This comment gained seven likes while another commenter wrote: “Make your children proud of you by resigning!” In fact, the calls to resign weren’t just said by one user as others made the same statement.

Elsewhere, another user named Karen Bee wrote: “Kids may get educated here but then leave. Gotta wonder why?”

Regardless of your political orientation, Holcomb will be leaving his spot in 2025 due to reaching the limit of his term. Over the years, you could argue that Holcomb has not been overly controversial regarding his status in the state. This is particularly the case when compared to his predecessor Mike Pence who was arguably one of the most divisive governors in the state’s history.


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