CVS Pharmacy closes down San Francisco store

September 21, 2023 by No Comments

CVS is set to shutter another pharmacy in downtown San Francisco, specifically located at 601 Mission St. This decision is part of CVS’s broader strategy to reduce its store count by 900 locations nationwide.

The closure of the South of Market store is scheduled for October 23rd, and all prescription services will be seamlessly transferred to the CVS branch situated at 701 Van Ness Ave. The company’s spokesperson has stated that employees at the soon-to-be-closed location will be provided with opportunities for equivalent positions within the company.

It’s worth noting that CVS entered into a lease agreement for the 601 Mission St. location back in 2013, as documented in property records.

This move by CVS aligns with its earlier announcement in late 2021 to trim approximately 900 stores over a three-year period, which accounts for roughly 9% of its total store count at the time. Downtown San Francisco, like many urban areas, has experienced a wave of retail closures due to reduced foot traffic during the pandemic, leading to a shrinking pool of pharmacy options.

Notably, CVS’s rival, Walgreens, has also faced challenges in San Francisco, with the closure of more than half a dozen stores during the pandemic. Walgreens attributed retail crime as one of the factors behind these closures, but back in 2019, it had already announced plans to shutter 200 stores across the United States.

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