Bizarre Boat-Car spotted around Charleston – Here’s the backstory

September 21, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve been around Charleston lately or other parts of Carolina then you may have been lucky enough to spot a bizarrely modified boat-car. This has the wheels and driving of a regular car, mixed in with the exterior of a boat.

An image yesterday was uploaded to Reddit which showed it out and about. Note, that the skull and crossbones flag is a nice touch considering the context. For those wondering, this boat is completely legal to drive on the roads and despite looking unusual, it functions like a regular car. Nonetheless, it’s not the sort of thing you’d expect to see every day and can certainly be described as unusual.


It turns out that this is actually a locally owned business that has been operating out of Charleston for a number of years. Here, small boats are combined with cars and turned into amphibious cruisers. The Facebook page shows a number of custom builds that can travel on water and on land. According to the Facebook page, some of these boats can sell for over $15,000.

Because of this, you may see a number of different boat-cars driving around Charleston and surrounding areas every now and then. Nonetheless, as this seems like a one-man operation, don’t expect to see the local streets filled with them anytime soon either.

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