Red River Brewpub announces imminent closure

September 20, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, popular Shreveport brewery and Restaurant, Red River Brewpub announced that it would be permanently closing next week. In a lengthy Instagram post, the pub claimed that September 24th would be their final day of business before closing forever.

In other words, its last orders will take place on Sunday evening. This shock announcement was made after almost 10 years in business. During this time it had become popular within the Shreveport community.

The parting statement thanked locals and claimed that the decision to close was ‘with a heavy heart’. Interestingly though, they declined to mention exactly why the closure was taking place. The statement prompted hundreds of likes and many locals paid their respects to the pub. Here, one Instagram user wrote: “So sad to hear this! Loved the renovated garage in the East Bank District. I visited the Red River Brew Pub several times in the last couple of years and really enjoyed it!”

According to one local sleuth, the closure wasn’t surprising due to the change in location. Here, they claimed that the new location brought various problems such as the physics of the building, as well as the main brew master quitting before its re-opening. While this sounds intriguing, it should be noted that at this point, it should only be taken as hearsay and is not fact.

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