Ravenous bear invades Florida home and eats vegan ice cream

September 20, 2023 by No Comments

The resident of the North Naples community, Konrad Umpenhour, made a startling discovery when he attempted to close his garage door using a smartphone app. Konrad, who shares the house with his parents, was taken aback by an error message indicating that the garage door couldn’t close due to an obstruction. Curious to identify the cause, he decided to access their security camera footage and was surprised to observe a black bear had made its way into their garage.

Interestingly, this bear seemed to have a taste for vegan treats, as it was particularly fond of indulging in the residents’ vegan ice cream. Although this story isn’t fictional it certainly has parallels with the Goldilocks tale with a modern twist. Thankfully though, the owners didn’t attack the bear and saw the funny side of things.

Speaking on the incident, Konrad Umpenhour said: “The bear went in there, had his little meal, then my son scared him away. Hey, if it likes my ice cream maybe I can tame it!”

With this being said, if you’re based in Florida (or anywhere in the US), then it may be useful to carry vegan ice cream with you incase a black bear encounters you. As seen, it could just save your life.


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