Jersey City to get new Food Hall next year

September 20, 2023 by No Comments

For many people, liquor stores are quick stops along the way: a brief detour before heading to a friend’s house, preparing for a BYOB dinner, or unwinding after a demanding workday (a jest, mostly). In Jersey City, there’s a family-owned wine shop called CoolVines that’s aiming to redefine this experience. Leveraging their extensive background in the food and beverage industry, CoolVines is set to transform into both a pitstop and a destination.

Their latest venture, The Bread Factory Jersey City, is set to open in April 2024 in the Powerhouse Arts District, taking over a 19th-century bread factory currently undergoing development. This new establishment will provide a home for various street food vendors, boast two bars, and offer much more. This was announced on their Instagram account:

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In line with this expansion, The Bread Factory Jersey City will occupy an impressive 8,700 square feet of space at 124 Bay Street, previously known as a 19th-century bread factory, hence the name. The Arts + Powerhouse building, where this project is taking shape, is also set to house other businesses, including “Tacombi Jersey City, Han Dynasty, Daily Provisions, and Rumble Boxing,” as reported by Jersey City Upfront.

Jersey City isn’t the sole city in Hudson County with plans for a food hall. Earlier this year, proposals to revamp the 710 Clinton Street location in Hoboken included the introduction of a modern, spacious food hall to enrich the culinary landscape of the Mile Square. This proposal was discussed during a meeting at Hoboken town hall on Tuesday, August 15th, and you can find the latest updates on this development here.

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